Friday, 5 October 2012

Dissertation Saga Update!

I haven't mentioned by dissertation for a while, and with good reason! I have been working on it, but I have been besieged with set backs including health problems, job-seeking related issues, limited access to archives and a more general "my brain doesn't want to think" problems!! As a result I have lost approximately 2 months worth of working time. The completed dissertation was due in this week and as you can probably tell from the lack of fanfare, celebrations and general sense of relief, I didn't hand mine in.

Again there is a good reason for this; it ain't finished! Due to all the setbacks I am behind. Luckily my Course Leader and Mentor were both very understanding and have granted me a short extension. Its still tight on time, but far more realistic. On the downside it does mean that my dissertation will drift over into 2013 instead of being completed in 2012 as I had hoped. However this is a small chance it will be finished by December, but I am not going to kill myself and hand in something I am not happy with for the sake of a few weeks. After all at this point the only person it effects is me. I want a dissertation that I am pleased with and proud of. I am not going to rush it now and end up with something I will regret.

As a result I am still plodding along with research, reading, and writing, redrafting and stressing! However I am actually enjoying it again. For a while there I hated it and was so stressed it was affecting every part of my life. Now I have the extension, I can relax a bit and get back to enjoying it. I also produce better work when I am calm and relaxed so hopefully this is all for the good. A tense, anxious, stressed emotional me, was not a pretty sight and I think I annoyed all those around me constantly going on about it, and being edgy and snappy and tired!

However I am very lucky to have some very supportive friends. Even when certain people who should be supportive decide to be nasty and unhelpful, I can always rely on them. Special huge thanks to my bezzie mate, Mummy Mo, Lillibet and even though he is hundreds of miles away, Andy. I am sorry if I am boring you guys, but this is huge deal in my life and means a lot to me. Your support, understanding and patience means everything, thank you.

So now back to the dissertation grindstone.

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