Friday, 17 April 2015

A List of Happiness

This week a list has been published of the top 50 things that make people happy. Its an interesting list and is obviously compiled from polling a large array of people. Reading this list got me thinking, what things make me happy? At a time when life in Britain for most people is unbelievably tough and miserable its easy to forget the good things and ignore the small things that make us happy or smile or laugh out loud. So in an effort to concentrate more on what makes me happy instead of all the things which make me sad, or frustrated, or angry, disappointed or fed up I started to compile a list of my own. To my surprise I got to 40 things which made me happy! So I thought I would share them on my blog. Here are the 40 things which make me happy (in no particular order, other than as I thought of them):

1. Spending quality time with my Dad, having a laugh.
2. Spending time with Andy or getting a catch up email from Andy.
3. Spending good times with my Mum.
4. Spending quality time with Cheryl, Claire 2, Nat & Cat.
5. Westies!
6. Stroking or cuddling puppies & dogs such as Westies, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or my friends long coat Chihuahuas.
7. Watching dogs play, run around and be naughty! Seeing their individual cheeky characters always makes me smile and laugh.
8. Going Stationery shopping/window shopping.
9. Buying Stationery.
10. Looking at/Going Craft shopping.
11. Buying craft supplies.
12. Receiving lovely parcels in the post (books, DVDs, new papercrafting stuff, etc).
13. Snuggling down in a comfortable chair/sofa to read a good book.
14. Buying new books.
15. Getting into bed with fresh new sheets.
16. Chasing the cold bits round the bed on a warm night.
17. Eating a rare-medium rump or sirloin steak (unfatty) cooked to perfection or cooked by my Dad.
18. Bovril on toast with medium chedder cheese. Very comforting!
19. Eating Cheese on Toast when the cheese is still gooey... yum!
20. Season & Shake Cajun Chicken with Jacket Potato, carrot batons, petit pois peas and sweetcorn. Cor!!!
21. When someone else does the washing up!
22. Watching an entire box set back to back, especially when its a new season I haven't seen yet.
23. Sunshine & feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.
24. The smell of rain on a summer's day or immediately after the rain has stopped when it smells all fresh and cool.
25.The smell of barbecues on a sunny warm day.
26. The smell of baking bread or freshly cooked bread......yummy!
27. Watching Aiden Turner in Poldark... or The Hobbit films, Being Human, etc!.
28. Watching new series of shows I love such as Atlantis, The Musketeers, Supernatural, The Originals, Bones, The Flash, Poldark, Call the Midwife, Forever and Dr Who to name a few!
29. Visiting Museums and Heritage Sites (Castles, Palaces, Stately Homes, Forts, etc).
30. Visiting the Imperial War Museum, London.
31. Watching history documentaries about subjects I find fascinating (WW1, WW2, Homefront, Social History, way we lived, shopped, ate, etc, Suffragettes, Workhouses, Asylums, Prisons, Royal History, Local History...)
32. Watching the Sea.
33. Watching a thunder/lightning storm when I am safely indoors.
34. Being told I have got the job I really really wanted ..... well I imagine that would make me deliriously happy when it finally happens!
35. Having stalls at craft fairs and people actually buying my creations.
36. Colouring in or doing Zentangle.
37. Listening to my favourite music (The Script, Pink, cheesy 90s music, boybands, pop, musicals..).
38. Working on a project with others in a team. The project could be anything from exhibitions, research, and fundraising events to craft fairs, dog shows, parties, music night, quiz night, school visits, education days...!
39. Nice surprises, particularly on my birthday, but also when I least expect it. I find it very touching when someone goes out of their way to do something nice for me that they know I will love.
40. Being creative, making cards, drawing, painting etc! Bliss.
It was actually very therapeutic compiling this list as it reminded me how many lovely things I am lucky enough to have in my life, which I must confess I often forget when things get tough. I must make sure I take the time to do more of the things which make me happy, especially when life is tough!  

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