Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rock of Ages - The Movie

Yesterday evening my bezzie mate and I had a girlie night out at the cinema. We went to see Rock of Ages, the movie version of the stage musical starring Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Mary. J. Blige, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and many more. There were also lots of cameos from 1980s music acts.

It was a fantastic film! Yes the storyline was some what predictable, but in a good way. By the end of the film everything that you wanted to happen had happened. The various couples had got it together, the bad guy had got his comeuppance, and the up-tight Mayor's wife had given in to her youthful passion for Rock Music!

Encase you are wondering about the storyline its about a small town girl called Sherrie who moves to LA to become a singer. On the way she gets mugged by a guy who steals her precious record collection and then gets comforted by Drew another wannabe singer who happens to work at the legendary Bourbon Rooms - a rock music club. Quickly she is offered a job as a waitress by club owner Alec Baldwin, who really has other things on his mind as the club is facing financial ruin unless he can make enough money at the upcoming farewell gig of the legendary Stacee Jaxx and his rock band Arsenal played superbly by Tom Cruise. On the other side of Town the newly elected Mayor's wife played by Catherine Zeta Jones is rallying her troop of mothers and religious groups to campaign to shut down the Bourbon Rooms which is seen as the root of all evil, corrupting the youngsters of 1987 America with rock music!

Sherrie and Drew promptly fall in love and on the night of the Arsenal gig Drew and his band get the chance to open the show after the original booked act drops out. Drew is spotted by Stacee Jaxx's manager and is offered fame over the love he has for Sherrie. Due to a misunderstanding Drew believes his beloved Sherrie has had sex with Stacee Jaxx in his dressing room and promptly agrees to become the next big thing and quits his job at the Club after splitting up with Sherrie. She also quits the club and in desperation and heartache she starts to work as a waitress in a pole dancing strip club owned by Mary. J/.Blige's character. It isn't long before Sherrie becomes a stripper herself and begins to lose her idealistic views of the world. Meanwhile Drew has his image dramatically changed by his new manager, and instead of becoming the next rock star, gets manufactured into the new kind of music star  - a typical 1980s rap/pop music boy band!

While this is going on we also meet the amazing Stacee Jaxx himself. He is a washed up rock star who is admired by millions, yet is lost in drugs, drink and sex with random women and surrounded by "yes men". He is also looking for the perfect song. His manager is using him to make a fortune and steals all the takings from the gig at the Bourbon Club saying it is Stacee's cut although Stacee doesn't even know this is happening. When he comes to the Bourbon to perform his final gig he meets an attractive interviewer from Rolling Stone Magazine who refuses to take any of his rock star rubbish and tells him a few home truths including how his manager is taking him for a ride. Her words penetrate his ego and he starts to fall in love with her. She in turns begins to fall for him, but leaves, and leaves Stacee feeling very confused as he has never felt love before. Later in the film the interview comes out in Rolling Stone Magazine where she reveals the truth about his manager and how he stole money from the Bourbon. Stacee who has become very confused after having his mind opened by her confronts his manager, who tells him the truth. Stacee fires him and tries to track down the young reporter he calls Cinderella or Constance as she is actually called!

The film's finale is at the Bourbon club where Drew's new pop group are performing their first ever gig supporting Stacee Jaxx at his first solo performance (although nobody has told Stacee he has a gig!). Outside Catherine Zeta Jones and her supporters are facing up to all the rock fans. Stacee Jaxx arrives as he has finally found out he has a gig and that Constance is reporting on it. When he arrives he recognises Catherine Zeta Jones character and its revealed that she was once one of his many girlfriends. He goes inside where he eventually finds Constance and they finally get together. He also gives the money his manager stole back to the Club therefore saving it. Meanwhile Drew's boyband takes to the stage and the rock audience quickly get annoyed and start booing them off. Sherri arrives after hearing the song Drew had written about her and he leaves the stage to tell her he loves her. As the crowd turn nasty Sherrie takes to the stage to sing the opening lines of Drew's song. "Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world......". Drew then joins her to sing the song. When Stacee hears this song he realises he has finally found the perfect song and the film ends with a massive Arsenal Concert with Drew and Sherrie singing on stage with Stacee. As Stacee looks off stage Constance is cheering him from the wings in full rock outfit and a cute baby bump. The other characters are also in the audience including a very differently dressed Catherine Zeta Jones!

This is a fantastic film and the ending is perfect. Tom Cruise gives an amazing performance as Stacee Jaxx, and as someone who never really got the appeal of Tom Cruise, going by this film  I am now converted! Wow! Russell Brand is also surprisingly good although the northern accent which comes and go throughout the film is a little off putting, but his relationship in the film with Alec Baldwin is both funny and brilliant!

Of course I have to mention the awesome soundtrack! Its amazing from start to finish including songs by Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Journey, Twisted Sister and many more. My favourite songs include Tom Cruise's version of Wanted Dead or Alive, Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin's duet to I Can't Fight This Feeling Any More, the romantic More than Words and of course the brilliant Don't Stop Believing. My bezzie mate has already bought the soundtrack, and I desperately want one too!

I loved this film! It was sooooo good. We were still talking about it hours later and to be honest the next day too! We both came out of the cinema really buzzing and still singing all the songs! This is definitely one for the DVD collection.
So if you like feel good films, with an amazing soundtrack and plenty of laughs please go and see this film or buy it when it comes out on DVD. It is brilliant!

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