Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Jaunt 2012

Yesterday was Bexhill Museum's Diamond Jubilee Jaunt. It was organised by my friend and it was to raise money for the Museum as well as celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The walk took us from the bottom of Galley Hill, all the way along the Prom, past the De La Warr Pavilion to the Clock Tower on West Parade where the Museum is. It was very windy but at least the rain held off until we got to the Museum and the sun did come out for some of the time, enough to give me a little bit of sunburn on my face. Or perhaps its wind-burn! Most of the people who took part were in costume, either historical or red, white and blue. I wore my lovely new Medieval Kirtle which has been made by my friend's Mum (and my surrogate mum!)

The children were dressed in either Medieval or Tudor costume and were given the important job of rattling the collection tubs at any passers by. Just encase any local's had expected a quiet afternoon walk along the Prom the children also went along shouting "Bexhill Museum" and "Support Bexhill Museum". Slightly worryingly by the time we had got to the Pavilion the children had begun shouting "Save Our Museum" which although funny for us, was not really what we wanted the public to hear, so we had to get them to quickly go back to "Support our Museum". Many of the the people we met on the way did give generously.

Some of the passers by were also "held up" by our very own Long Bowman in the form of my friend's son who was using his bow and arrow (blunt not sharp!) to request money for the Museum. Thankfully the local's did see the funny side! Although one little boy got a bit frightened after putting some money in the tin to be confronted by a bow and arrow aimed in his direction! He ran very fast in the opposite direction to the safety of his Dad! Bless! At least my friend's son had waited until the money had gone in the tin!!

The prom was very busy as the Heritage Motor Trail was also being launched that day and the panels were placed along the seafront. A procession of classic cars followed the route led by the Museum's Serpollet or Easter Egg which is a replica of the first car to win the racing at Bexhill in 1902. (Encase you were not aware Bexhill is the home of British Racing and we held the first ever race in this country along the seafront in 1902 making this year the 110th Anniversary). As well as the cars they were also joined by the Classic Cycle Group who were riding classic bicycles in period costume. Due to the location of the panels, our Jaunt kept leap frogging the opening ceremonies of the panels which helped create quite a fun atmosphere. As we arrived at the Museum, so did the Heritage Motor Trail launch (there is a panel at the Museum). So we got to watch this unveiling before going into the Museum for a much needed drink and a sit down!

It was a really enjoyable day and it was lovely to be involved in a Jubilee themed event. All along the seafront there were union jacks and an abundance of red, white and blue. It was actually really heart-warming to see. There was clearly a party atmosphere!

It was a really great day, although there were quite a few sore feet, achy legs and tired bodies at the end of it! In the evening No 2 and I had a take-away and girlie night which was very well deserved and nice to have a good rest!
As for today, well I am enjoying watching some of the Jubilee celebrations on the telly, chilling out and trying to get some more craft done! So far it has been a fantastic Diamond Jubilee Weekend!

Hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing!

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