Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back pain and Illness

The last 24 hours has not been great. While shopping for a new portable external hard drive in PC World I managed to badly hurt my back. How did I do this? I took a step forward!! I was happily walking around the shop when all of a sudden the next step sent a burst of a hot sensation across my lower back followed instantly by lots and lots of pain. I instantly felt queasy from the pain and just wanted to go home. Unfortunately I still had to do a Tescos shop with Dad as he couldn't do it on his own as he has bad knees and mobility problems (especially when aggravated by cold weather). So I had to make a very painful and slow trip around Tescos before I could go home!

When I finally got home my face had apparently become quite pale! I was in lots of pain and felt very sick. I forced myself to eat some dinner and took some much needed painkillers. I also got my hot bag thingy on my back hoping that the pain would ease and I would start to feel better. The pain did ease a little with the heat but every time I moved it hurt again. My problems didn't stop there. A few hours after taking the painkillers I also started getting a bad tummy ache and upset stomach. I suspect this was a reaction to the painkillers. This continued into the early hours of the morning. I finally managed to get to sleep about 4.40am feeling exhausted, in pain and bleurgh!

I hoped that by this morning I would feel better as I had plans for today. However after moving around a little my back started to hurt again. After trying a bit of breakfast my tummy ache started up again. So instead of getting to do the fun things I had planned for today, I have spent the day in pain, trying to sleep and attempting to eat small amounts of food. Bleurgh!

I feel really unhappy and useless at the moment. I hate being ill. I am such a wimp when it comes to pain and being ill. I try not to moan too much as I do have some friends and family who suffer with ill health and pain on a daily basis so in comparison my situation is nothing as it will eventually get better and stop hurting. However I am not a very good patient as I just want the pain and sickness to go instantly! I get frustrated when it hangs around and I end up rather pathetically feeling sorry for myself, which I know is terrible!

Anyway, I have had my moan now. Now I need to try and be less sorry for myself and more positive. I WILL feel better tomorrow. The pain WILL go away and the upset stomach WILL stop and go away. Hopefully ..... :o(


  1. Sending you healing Hun and yes you WILL get better and the pain WILL go away. Keep doing as Dr Claire suggested it can only help, light and healing

    1. Thanks! I am feeling a lot better today and it was nice to get a home visit from Dr Claire today! Lol!