Monday, 30 January 2012

Things to Do List

For as long as I can remember I have always kept a mental to do list. Now I don't mean one of those lists that list things like "must do the washing" or "must send that letter" or "need to clear out that cupboard by the end of the week". (Although I do sometimes write those as well if I have a busy day ahead or lots to achieve by a certain time!). Instead I am referring to a list of all the things that I would like to do in my life time. Special things, places to visit, things to see, achievements etc. For a few years now that list has got very long and not much if anything has been ticked off due to excuses of not having enough money or time or the lack of someone to go with and so on. However over Christmas a very good friend of mine asked me why I kept adding to the list but never doing any of it. When I tried out my excuses on him, he just laughed and said the only thing stopping me was me. I should write the list down and actively start doing things to tick off instead of simply waiting for things to happen. After a lot of burbling about money and time I finally admitted defeat and agreed he was right!

So after seeing in the New Year, I decided it was a perfect time to put pen to paper and write down my to do list in a lovely new leather bound notebook. My list is currently a mixture of musicals, historic sites, museums and places to visit. There are also a few academic achievements thrown in as well. I plan to add to this list when I find things I want to do but also (and more importantly) I will tick off the things that I do actually do and write a little bit about them. As I have now started this blog I will also write about my successful "to dos" on here. The only problem is deciding where to start and working out how I am going to save up the money to do these things! Not easy for someone facing a third year of not working after being made redundant!

I really hope that 2012 will see me starting to tick off some of these "to dos" and I will aim to tell you about it on this blog too! Watch this space!!!

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