Saturday, 10 March 2012

Framed Decoupage and some more Cards

Here are some more of my latest craft creations. They are both decoupage cards. The top Forever Friends one is approx A4 size. Its the biggest card I have made to date.

The other card is a Me to You or Tatty Teddy decoupage, but its a bit different as its also a tiered card which means the decoupage then has a tiered frame over the top which is also decoupaged. Its quite time consuming but I am very pleased with the finished result!

 Following on from a suggestion from my friend Claire 2 I have also started to look at ways of branching out from just doing cards. These are my first and second attempts at doing framed decoupage as a picture. Not sure how well they will do, but hopefully someone will want to give them a home. They are quite cute!
Today I attended a Craft Fair at St.Barnabas Church, Bexhill with Claire 2 and her Mum and Nan. It was a fun day although unfortunately I didn't sell anything which is a bit frustrating. However I enjoyed myself which is the main thing.

For photos of today's fair please look at our craft blog Crafty Claires at

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