Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium

Yesterday evening a group of us went to Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium to belatedly celebrate our friend's ( 35th Birthday. As it was a Saturday it was incredibly busy and we had to queue to go in. After looking around trying to find the best spot we settle at a couple of tables on the ground floor situated between the bar and the Tote!

There were 12 races throughout the evening and we all had a flutter on some of the races with varying success! It was not a very expensive evening and we all kept within our own limits on the betting front.  The Birthday Girl did very well winning on the first race and a few others, although it was her Mum and her friend Rosie who seemed to have the best luck of the evening! Sadly two people didn't win at all including our Dog Racing virgin Cheryl! I won on the second to last race with a dog called Greenacre Josh and I won a stunning £3.63! Woop woop!

However the winning really wasn't the aim of the evening and although it was nice to win and added to the excitement, it was spending the evening together and having fun which was the main thing. We had a lot of fun and spent a great deal of time shrieking with laughter. It was especially fun when we went outside to watch the dog racing and joined in the cheering on of the dogs. The Birthday Girl was very funny as she kept getting her words muddled, calling the dogs "horses" instead!! Every time she called them horses we would burst into laughter. There was also a hilarious moment when the electronic Hare broke down and in order to fix it they started sending it round the track without letting the dogs out. This caused a lot of hilarity and not just from us but the rest of the crowd as well. I think it was the little comments between us that made it even more funny and at one point I was laughing so much I had tears streaming down my face. We all complained that our sides and jaws were hurting so much from all the laughter which is a very good thing!

We had a brilliant evening and we all agreed we would have to do it again at some point. The wining was a bonus but not an essential part of the night and we all had a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves. On a personal level I have not had a great week and was very ready to see the back of this disappointing week. However this evening and the trip to Lewes on Thursday made up for the bad stuff and I am ending the week on a high! It was a great night and I hope the Birthday Girl enjoyed herself! She certainly looked like she was having a good time!!


  1. I had a wonderful time thank oyu, and another time we'll do the 6 pack package they offer. It sounds like a good deal x

  2. It was great fun and we were all relatively sober which wasn't hard when half of us weren't drinking!

  3. I'm glad you all had such a good time! :D x