Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Craft Fair, Knitting and Chapter One!

As I have been mainly talking about food stuff on my recent blogs I thought I should catch you up on what else I have been doing.

On Saturday I went to the monthly Craft Fair at St. Barnabas Church where I shared a table with my friend, giving Crafty Claires another outing. We joined her mum and nan again who were selling their preserves, jams and knitted items. It was a lot better than last month as a few cards were sold, as well as a felt bag (yet again!) and a scarf! As usual the jams and preserves sold well and the knitted stuff also went down well. It was a very enjoyable day and a nice break from doing uni work.

The best bit about the day was that my friend gave me my first proper knitting lesson! Now I never expected I would be a knitter. My Mum is an exceptional knitter (even my Dad says so, so it must be true! LOL!). She tried to teach me when I was a child but it never went well. She would get frustrated with having to correct mistakes and didn't really have the patience to teach a child. As a result it would end up as a big knot, I would lose interest and it would end up in the bin! As a result I avoided the hobby like the plague! As she also did embroidery, lace etc these were also hobbies I admired but never once asked to have a go at!  However my friend always seems to be knitting or sewing and when I have been round her house I always found myself watching her knit. It looked very satisfying and therapeutic. Her mum and nan also are excellent knitters and sell their stuff at craft fairs. So it was a bit scary to ask her to teach me to knit, knowing what my previous experience was like! However I should not have worried! She is a very good teacher and has a lot of patience! So from about 11am until 4pm when the Craft Fair closed I learnt how to do knitting. In that time I produced two small blue squares of knit and pearl stitches creating a simple pattern. I was so proud!! Then in the evening I did another two squares this time in a nice yellow wool! My rather ambitious aim is to knit loads of little squares in a few different colours and then sew them altogether to make a blanket. I will let you know how the progress goes! If I finish it I will put a photo on my blog as well as Crafty Claires blog. In my next knitting lesson I am going to be taught how to cast on and off so that I can then knit when I am on my own! (So far my friend has been doing this bit!).

After the Craft Fair I had planned to be good and go home to carry on with my uni work. However my friend invited me to hers for dinner and a girlie night. I decided that I might as well have the whole day off from studying! It was a nice unexpected evening. We had a nice dinner and then watched the latest episodes of Alcatraz and Once Upon a Time. We also had a good chat and both did some more knitting!

Since then it has been back to the dissertation grindstone. My first chapter draft is due in at the end of the month. Unlike other chapters this draft will be marked and go towards my final grade. As far as I know I can amend it afterwards and resubmit it as part of the completed dissertation in October. My other drafts will only be discussed with my tutor and then only count towards my final grade when I hand in the completed study. However it is still stressful and as each day passes I get a little but more stressed! I want to do well so I am putting myself under pressure to do a good job. The problem is the chapter that is due to be submitted is the biggest chapter in the study and the one I wanted to have the most time to do! Oh well! I also only have to submit a word count of 3000 words yet this chapter is planned to be 4000 - 5000 words. I am a bit confused as to what to do, but I am hoping my tutor will give me some guidance.

Anyway I had better get back to the books!

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