Saturday, 21 January 2012

Craft: Cards 1

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I like doing crafts, especially making cards. I have been making them since I was 19 when my Mum got me into it. She has always been into crafts and is very talented. Her crafting includes needlecraft, embroidery, crochet, quilting, tatting, lace making, knitting, card making, cake decorating, watercolours and much more. Some of her stuff has even been in local exhibitions up in Norfolk where she lives now.

I have always been interested in Art and studied it at A'Level. I used to sketch and paint a lot but I haven't done any in years. I love being creative and card making is an outlet for this. It can be an expensive hobby getting all the bits and equipment, but as with a lot of crafts its the looking for and buying of the stuff that is part of the fun! I find making the cards very relaxing and enjoyable. It is a great way of turning off the brain after doing a bulk of uni reading!

I will share photos of some of my favourite creations on this blog as I go along but to start with here are two of my favourites from last year.

Happy Crafting People!

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