Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lazy Sunday

I am delighted to say the Proposal is now finished. There is nothing more I can do about it now, other than wait to see what feedback/grades I get. I finished it Saturday evening which means I have been able to have a lovely lazy Sunday!

Sundays are suppose to be lazy days. Its the day of the week for having a well deserved lie in, for relaxing on the sofa watching television, for settling down with a good book undisturbed, or for having a DVD-fest working your way through your favourite films and television programmes! Its the day to recover from the previous week and to prepare for the coming week ahead. Some people will do gardening (I am not very green fingered and I am allergic to pollen!) others will have a go at DIY (I love a bit of painting, but I am not very gifted at putting up shelves or hanging wallpaper). Others will visit friends and family or spend most of the day preparing the perfect Sunday Roast.

For me a lazy Sunday starts off with a lay in, followed by a light breakfast. Then a bit of lounging in front of the telly while looking at various social networking sites, window shopping on Amazon and catching up on emails. This is followed by a relaxing shower and then a light lunch. I am not someone who does Roast dinners on weekends. If we do have a roast dinner it will be in the evening. I cannot eat a big dinner at lunch time, its not natural and spoils the rest of the afternoon! Then its dvd time! If I am not in the mood for a film I will read instead. If neither of these seem appealing then I will do some card craft. In the evening I will have dinner and then settle down to watch the evening telly. This time of year its Dancing on Ice and Wild at Heart. Although there is a new series starting on BBC1 tonight about Midwives which I will have to watch on Iplayer! Then its off to bed and ready to start the new week!

So whatever you have done for your Sunday I hope you have had a great day! I am now going to get back to my Sunday!
Tatty bye for now!

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