Thursday, 19 January 2012


I haven't written anything for a few days because life has been a bit rubbish and I didn't feel like writing. It was one of those situations when you think everything is going to be okay and you feel very positive and then something comes along and completely drags you back down. After this has happened everything feels terrible. Nothing is going to be okay, nothing is going to work out and why should you even bother! Negativity rules the roost and those happy, hopeful days seem to be so far away. Encase your wondering it was related to money (the not having any sort!), banks and lack of work. But lets not dwell on that any more here. What I wanted to write about is the importance of Friendship during these times.

When the proverbial hit the fan this week it was my friends that helped picked me back up and give me the strength to go forward. One of my friends was there to support and help give me strength and hope to move forward. She reminded me I was strong and to trust in those who guide me. She sent me healing and support. Another friend made me laugh and cheered me up and had a good chat about life generally before talking about university, dissertations and the future. Another friend shared my pain and swapped war stories, leading our very own parade of pain! Finally another friend shared her good news with me, reminding me that bad luck never stays around for long and usually means something good is on its way.

Friendship is always important; for both the good times and the bad. The main thing is you should surround yourself with real, genuine friends who want to be your friend because they genuinely care and like you for you - with all your little issues and gifts! I haven't always had good friends. I often attract the type of people who want to use you for what they can get out of you and are never there when you need them. You serve a purpose and when they are finished with you they kick you aside without a second thought. Thankfully I have learnt the lessons they unknowingly taught me!

I can now say that I am blessed to have some really good friends. Friends to laugh with, talk to, confide in, rant at, be silly with, cry with, and share ideas with. To my true friends -you know who you are - I am very glad we are friends and I will never take your friendship for granted. You will never fully understand how much I value our friendship.Thank you for your support this week and no doubt for in the future too!

Now lets have some more fun!

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