Wednesday, 11 January 2012

First Things First

I suppose I should begin with a few nuggets of information about me. I chose to call my blog The Book Worm for two main reasons: the first is because I do generally love reading and love books and the second is because at the time of setting up this blog I am surrounded by books as I am trying to complete my proposal for my Masters degree dissertation that is due in, in a few days time. The name seemed quite fitting!

Another of my interests is history, in particular social history from early Georgians to late 1960s. I am especially fascinated by the Edwardian era and the First World War. I an not so interested in the military side of the Great War, but its the human story that really fascinates me from the soldiers in the trenches, to those that never came home and the families at home. My other historical interests are a little bit morbid or sinister as I am also obsessed with Workhouses, Asylums, and Gaols / Prisons!!

I suppose I should also confess to being a Museum Professional. I have worked in Museums all my working life since leaving university. I do genuinely love them. They are amazing places and normally attract brilliant - often quirky - people who work in them.  I also love visiting museums in my spare time, even when on holiday. To me they are not work, they are inspiring, interesting, awesome places.

2012 is going to be a big year for me and hopefully will be a good one. My Masters dissertation is due to be completed and handed in by October and a few months before that I will be celebrating the landmark birthday of the big "3 0"! I also hope this year will bring better career fortunes, better health and to be generally happier than last year. I intend to share my ups and downs in this blog, but for now back to the proposal.......

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